Power Rangers Time Force
Movie Madness Part II

Jason Faunt as Wes (Red Time Force Ranger)
Erin Cahill as Jen (Pink Time Force Ranger)
Kevin Kleinberg as Trip (Green Time Force Ranger)
Deborah Estelle Philips as Katie (Yellow Time Force Ranger)
Michael Copon as Lucas (Blue Time Force Ranger)
Daniel Southworth as Eric (Quantum Ranger)
Vernon Wells as Ransik
Kate Sheldon as Nadira
Bryan Cheatham as Heath
Tak Kubota as Elder Monk
Eiko Nijo as Princess
Reuben Langdon as Tour Guide
Kazuhiro Yokoyama as Frankie Chang
Terrence Stone as Cinecon (voice)

[In the Western Movie, Wes is surrounded by Nadira and several cowboy-clad Cyclobots.]

NADIRA: Ah-ha! This is the end of the trail for you, partner.

[Wes Glares at Nadira as the sound of a horse is heard and looks beyond Nadira where Trip appears on the back of a galloping horse.]

WES: Trip?!

[Nadira. Cinecon, and his movie crew turn around too, with looks of disbelief on their faces.]

WES: Whoo-hoo! Yeah!

[Trip rides into the center of the circle where Wes is standing.]

TRIP: Hey, Wes! Hop on!

[Wes climbs onto the horse, behind Trip, who sends the horse into another gallop.]

NADIRA: What?! Wait! You can't do that! Stop him! Aaaaahhh!
CINECON: Cut! Cut!

[Nadira stomps over to Cinecon.]

NADIRA: This was not supposed to be in the script! I quit!! Ahh!

[Nadira marches off.]

CINECON: But... you haven't finished your scene!

[Down the dirt road, Trip reins the horse in and turns it sideways.]

WES: Nice move, Trip!

[Wes lifts his hat and turns towards Cinecon and the Cyclobots.]

WES: Haha! See ya, suckers!
TRIP: Whoo! Yee-hah!

[The horse then rears up on it's hind legs and drops the two cowboy rangers onto the street. Cinecon turns to his Cyclo crew.]

CINECON: Get this, get this! Roll film!

[As the Cyclobots position the camera, two others step up and aim their Cyclo Sabers. Wes and Trip quickly get up and run for hiding, Wes turning around to pick his hat up off the ground, as the two Cyclobots fire. The two boys run behind some crates and sacks, with Wes jamming his hat back on his head.]

CINECON: Nice! Hahahaha!

[Behind the crates, Wes and Trip catch their breath.]

WES: Riding horses looks like fun in the movies, huh?
TRIP: Hey! Circuit said that Cinecon's clapboard controls the dimension!

[Wes pokes his head around a crate and spots the clapboard lying behind the Cyclo crew.]

WES: There it is!

[Just then the two Cyclobots fire at Wes's head, and he quickly drops back next to Trip.]

WES: I have an idea!

[Wes leans over and whispers his plan to Trip, who face suddenly lights up.]

[Somewhere else, in the Jungle Movie, Eric is trapped in the cage, the inhabitants of the village completely ignoring him. Eric then notices the chimp he helped earlier and softly calls him over.]

ERIC: C'mon.

[Picking up a stone knife the chimp approaches and cuts the ropes holding the cage door close. Eric gives the monkey a quick hug and then pushes it towards the trees.]

ERIC: All right. Thanks a lot, little guy.

[The chimp leaves as Eric looks around and starts to creep away. The inhabitants, though, notice him and, grabbing up their spears, start after the fleeing Eric.]

[In the Samurai movie, Lucas protects the Princess as he fends off several ninja's. Soon, Lucas is successful, defeating all the ninja's. He sheaths his sword as the Princess comes around and grabs his arm. Lucas turns around to look at her.]

LUCAS: Are you okay?

[In the Musical World, Katie is star-struck as she and Heath continue their dance.]

HEATH: (singing) When I wish upon a star...
KATIE: (singing) ...I wish for you!

[In the Kung-Fu Movie, Jen had successfully defeated the four warriors. Now the last challenge begins. A stronger warrior appears near the old monk and begins to fight Jen. After a fierce battle, Jen emerges victorious. The monk approaches as the five warriors, the last one being carried by another one, painfully make their way back to the temple.]

ELDER MONK: You have passed the test, young warrior. Here is your scroll.

[Jen smiles and gets down on one knee and lifts her arms up to receive the scroll.]

[Back in the Western Movie, the Cyclobots fire at the crates and sacking where Trip and Wes's cowboy hats are visible.]

CINECON: Explosions? I love explosions! Good idea! Where are my actors? This is not exciting enough!

[Unbeknownst to them, Trip sneaks in behind the crew.]

CINECON: Get me a close up!

[The Cyclo cowboys approach the place where the hats are when Wes rolls out, hatless, and with his Chrono-Blaster, blasts both Cyclobots. The hats were actually places on metal racks to appear like the two rangers were still wearing them.]

CINECON: Excellent! Keep rolling!

[Trip sees his chance in the distraction, and grabs the clapboard. Hearing a chuckle, Cinecon turns around and faces Trip.]

CINECON: Huh? Hey! What do you think you're doing?
TRIP: Oh! Hehehe! Too bad! Come and get it!

[Wes fires his Chrono-Blaster at another Cyclobot as Trip holds the clapboard up.]

TRIP: Hey, Wes!

[Trip tosses the clapboard into the air towards Wes as Cinecon and the Cyclobots watch, helplessly.]

CINECON: My slate!

[Wes leaps into the air, takes aim, and fires his blaster at the clapboard disintegrating it.]

TRIP: Yee-haa! Whoo!

[Trip punches his fist into the air as he disappears.]


[Cinecon, his Cyclo crew, and the equipment disappear. Lastly, Wes twirls his blaster and blows on the barrel of it as he too disappears.]

[In the Samurai movie, Lucas and the Princess are standing under a tree.]

PRINCESS: My hero.

[Lucas, with his helmet off, leans closer for a kiss just before he disappears, leaving the Princess alone in the woods.]

[In the Musical movie, Katie and Heath are at opposite ends of the stage and are running towards each other. Right before they embrace, Katie is whisked away in a flash of light and Heath is left hugging himself.]

[In the Kung-Fu movie, Jen is on one knee with her head bent and arms raised. Before the Elder Monk can place the scroll into her waiting hands, she disappears in a flash of light.]

[Finally, in the Jungle movie, Eric swings through the jungle on a vine before he is engulfed in the white light.]

ERIC: Ahhh! Ahh! Ahh--

[Next to a warehouse the five Time Force officers reappear. Jen, still leaning over ready to receive the non-existent scroll, Wes blowing onto his finger, Trip with his fist in the air, and Katie running across the lot right into Lucas, who had his arms open for the Princess.]

[Back in Silver Hills, near his vehicle, Eric reappears mid-swinging through the air, without a vine.]

ERIC: Ahhhh! Ahh-- Ugh!

[Stopped mid-flight by a wall, Eric falls to the ground unconscious.]

[Happy to be back, the five rangers look around at their new surroundings.]

TRIP: Whew! Man, I'm so glad that's over!

[Right when those words have left his mouth, a car engine is heard and Ransik's Mutant Mobile, with Ransik in the passenger seat, drives onto the scene with two other land rovers driven by Cyclobots. Ransik stands up and points at the rangers.]

RANSIK: The movie isn't over yet, rangers! Prepare for part two! Enter: Ransik, the Super Villain! Ahahahaha!!

[Cinecon approaches Ransik with his bullhorn.]

CINECON: Cut! That was great, Ransik! But this time, I want you to give it to me with feeling!

[Ransik pushes the mutant away.]

RANSIK: Get out of here!

[Ransik sits back down onto his seat and turns to the Cyclobot driver as Cinecon picks himself up.]

CINECON: And action!

[The two land rovers take off towards the rangers.]

LUCAS: Run. Run!!

[The five rangers take off, running down the street.]

WES: C'mon, guys!

[Rounding one of several corners, they stop to catch their breathes and take a look at the buildings around them.]

KATIE: Don't tell me. We're in New York?!

[Ransik and company then drive around the corner, peeling down the street.]

TRIP: Let's go!

[The five officers start running again as a couple Cyclobots stand up and fire their Cyclo-Sabers at the fleeing team.]

[Running into an alleyway, the team runs past a crafts food table under a canopy. Lucas stops and looks at the table.]

LUCAS: Hey, guys! Look, water!

[The other four hurry back to Lucas and each grab a bottle of water. Gulping it down, a tour group on a few golf carts round the corner and stop in front of the table and the five rangers.]

TOUR GUIDE: Ladies and gentlemen, over on your left-hand side, we have what is known in the biz as the craft service table. This is where all the stars come to get their snacks between takes. Take your pictures, everyone! Take your pictures!

[The rangers smile at the crowd of tourists, when Jen's face suddenly lights up in an even bigger smile. She turns to her team mates.]

JEN: Guys. Follow me.

[She approaches the Tour Guide, followed by the other four rangers.]

JEN: Hi! I just saw Frankie Chang shooting a movie right down that alley!

[The Tour Guide jumps out of the cart and turns to the other tourists.]

TOUR GUIDE: Ladies and gentlemen, did you just hear that?! Frankie Chang, the world famous action star, is filming just down there! Let's go!

[All the tourists follow the Tour Guide down the street and around the corner. Jen turns and pushes Lucas into the driver's seat of the cart.]

JEN: Drive!

[Jen hops into the seat next to Lucas and the other three crowd into the back seat.]

JEN, WES, TRIP, & KATIE: Go! Drive!
LUCAS: I'm going! I'm going!

[Lucas starts up the cart and drives down the alley only to be stopped by Ransik and his vehicles. Lucas quickly swerves, turns the cart around, and drives down the street, the other way.]

JEN, WES, TRIP, & KATIE: Go! Go! Go! Go!

[Ransik and crew follow them as Cinecon and his Cyclo crew run into the street form another alley way.]

CINECON: That way! That way!

[The vehicles disappear around a corner. Cinecon then motions to one of the other standing golf carts.]

CINECON: This way! C'mon! On the cart!

[Cinecon squeezes himself into the passenger seat as the other five bots cram themselves and their equipment into the vehicle.]

[Further away, Lucas and team have turned into a dead end street, but don't notice it, because the golf cart has slowed to a stop.]

JEN: Lucas, why are we stopping?
LUCAS: We ran out of gas!

[Ransik and his group enter the closed off space, and fire at the still golf cart. The rangers run from the cart and behind the corner.]

WES: All right, c'mon!

[The three vehicles stop as Ransik stands up.]

RANSIK: Get them!!

[The Cyclobots exit the cars and start towards the abandoned golf cart, looking for the rangers.]

[Nearby, behind a corner, the five rangers peek out from their hiding place to assess the situation.]

WES: Okay, here's the plan. We each go our separate ways.

[Wes holds his left hand out and the rangers follow, placing their hands above Wes's.]

JEN: Good luck!

[They split up and run in different directions amid blaster fire from the Cyclo-Sabers. Ransik and his Cyclobots follow as Cinecon and his crew arrive on the deserted scene.]

CINECON: Ahh, there they are. Pull up next to them. C'mon! Let's go!

[The Cyclobot driver brakes the golf cart, sending Cinecon and a couple other Cyclobots out of the cart onto the ground.]

CINECON: Get me up! Get me up!

[The Cyclobots quickly help Cinecon up.]

CINECON: Get he camera set up. Hurry!

[Somewhere nearby, Jen is running hard when a Cyclobot pops up in front of her. He attacks, missing her, but grabbing the shoulder of her jacket. Jen quickly turns, flipping her other arm out of the jacket sleeve, before kicking the Cyclobot down, causing it the let go of the jacket. Jen smoothly slides her jacket back on when another Cyclobot runs at her. She motions him to stop, and starts straightening her jacket. The Cyclobot helps her adjust it before patting her on the shoulder and giving her a thumbs-up. She does a small bow, which he copies, before getting into a fighting stance and chopping down the bot. she straightens her jacket again and runs off in the direction she had been heading.]

[Near one of the trailers, Katie is fighting a cyclobot. she flings him against a tree and starts to run, only to face Cinecon and his camera crew. With the camera rolling, Cinecon approaches the yellow ranger.]

CINECON: Great, great! What a marvelous performance! I could make a star out of you! Smile for the camera! Don't be afraid!

[Katie smiles at the camera when a Cyclobot taps her on the shoulder. She turns and ducks the saber the Cyclobot swung at her.]

[Inside one of the building, Wes is fighting a group of Cyclobots. He quickly finishes off the bots and is sitting on the floor when he looks over, his eyes widening. He suddenly jumps up and runs out the door.]

[Nearby, Lucas is in a fix, when everywhere he turns another cyclobot is ready to cut him down. One almost succeeds, but Lucas ducks just as the blade swipes over his head. He quickly checks his hair, making sure every strand is in place and none missing, when he is set on by another Cyclobot. He dodges the attack and runs off down the street.]

[Behind one of Cinecon's equipment trucks, Trip stops to catch his breath. Noticing a small flight of steps onto a landing he quickly jumps up them, only to be met face to face with Ransik. Trip smiles and nervously pats the mutant ruler on the shoulder.]

TRIP: How you doin'?

[Ransik slightly nods, answering the question. His face changes then to malice and attacks Trip. Trip dodges the arm and runs across the landing when he is suddenly surrounded by several Cyclobots. Ransik watches the green ranger take care of a couple of the Cyclobots before Trip runs into the trailer, prompting the other cyclobots to follow him.]

[Back to Wes, the red ranger has run into a Mexican type village and is met by his four teammates.]

WES: Haha! All right, we made it!

[Trip hugs Jen as Wes, Lucas, and Katie join in the group hug. Katie then moves away from the group and hears a strange noise in the distance. She turns back to her friends.]

KATIE: Wait. Do you hear that, guys? Do you hear something?

[All five of them turn, facing into the village, when a massive wave pours down the hill, and into the village. Windows and doors of the houses are forced open as the water pours in.

WES: Run! Ruuun!

[Trip leads the way out of the village, with the other four close behind him. And close behind them, is the water, flooding the village and moving on towards the rangers.]

[Escaping the water, the five officers have run inside a building.]

WES: Hurry, he's coming!
JEN: Ransik's right behind us!

[They come to a door that says 'Wardrobe' and rush into the room. There they are met by several Cyclobots. After a weird silence, the Cyclobots and rangers jump on each other, sending clothes flying.]

TRIP: Get 'em!!

[Outside the door, Ransik stops hearing the voices of the rangers. He motions to the Cyclobots with him and enters the room. Empty of the rangers, Ransik trips and falls into a mound of clothes, his Cyclobots not far behind him.]

[Through another door in the room, the rangers stop in another hallway and examine their new clothes. Katie's wearing platform shoes, a brown suit, an orange scarf, a small beard, orange sunglasses, and an afro. She places her hand on her chin and looks up to the ceiling. Long black thin heeled boots appear nearby, with the wearer also sporting red stockings, a red miniskirt, a red sleeveless top, and a long blond wig. Wes whips his new long hair back over his shoulder and blows a kiss off down the hall. A pair of black pants flex at the knees as the tuxedo-clad wearer twirls a cane around and lifts a bowler hat revealing Jen in a black short haired wig, and a mustache. Over next to the wall, Lucas turns around examining his blue dress. A gray wig, and matching blue hat and purse complete the ensemble of a senior citizen. Lastly, Trip shows off wearing black leather pants, platform boots, a sleeveless black top and carrying his white backpack. Holding his sunglasses he pushes his long blond hair out of his face.]

RANSIK: (in the dressing room.) After them, you worthless...

[Hearing the voice, the rangers quickly try to move down the hall, the three boys having trouble in their new skirts and shoes.]

WES: Let's go! Hurry!

[Ransik and his Cyclobots open the door and rush into the now-empty hallway. They have also gone through a fashion change with one Cyclobot wearing a golden Indian sari, one dressed as a pirate and one wearing a flowery ensemble. Ransik then notices his outfit and gasps. Over his regular black and silver outfit is a long pink and gold tutu complete with ruffles.]

RANSIK: Get them!

[Ransik pushes the Cyclobots down the hall as they continue looking for the rangers.]

[Ditching their costumes, they are met by very loud heavy rock music. Ransik groans and covers his left ear.]

RANSIK: Ahh! What is that awful noise?!

[They move closer and see five mutant rockers playing on a stage with an audience of clothed Cyclobots watching them. The three Cyclobots next the Ransik are bobbing their heads in time to the music. Ransik bangs two of their heads before heading off. With the mutant gone, the Cyclobots resume their head bobbing. Ransik moves across the floor and approaches another Cyclobot.]

RANSIK: Have you seen the rangers?!

[The Cyclobot shrugs and points to the earphones he's wearing.]

RANSIK: The rangers?!

[The Cyclobot shrugs again and leans in closer. Ransik grabs the headphones off it's head and holds the microphone up to his mouth.]

RANSIK: The rangers!!!

[The Cyclobot is stunned by the loud voice and Ransik pushes the useless bot away from him. He then turns to his Cyclobots.]

RANSIK: Let's go!

[Ransik heads out of the loud room, followed by several dancing Cyclobots. With the mutant gone, the music stops. The remaining Cyclobots stare at the musicians confused. Then the mutants cross their hands to the opposite shoulder and rip off the costumes reveling themselves to be the rangers.]

WES: C'mon, let's go!

[They rush off in the opposite direction Ransik took, knocking out a couple Cyclobots on the way.]

[Running through the exit door, our heros find themselves next to a road in the desert.]

TRIP: The desert?!
LUCAS: We'll roast!

[Off to the side of the road, Cinecon and Cyclo crew have set up the camera and equipment.]

CINECON: Ready for the desert chase scene!

[On the road the five Vector Cycles suddenly appear.]

TRIP: The Vector Cycles?!

[The sound of roaring reaches their ears and looking down the road see Ransik and company tearing down the road in the Mutant Mobile and the two land rovers..]

RANSIK: There's no where to run this time, rangers!
CINECON: Action!
WES: Let's do it!
FIVE RANGERS: Time for... Time Force!

[Instantly, the rangers are driving their Vector Cycles down the road behind Ransik and crew. Lucas presses a button on his Cycle sending a blast towards the mutant.]

LUCAS: Take this!

[The Mutant Mobile swerves crazily across the road from the blast, when Ransik jumps into one of the land rovers, pushing the Cyclo driver out of the vehicle. The Mutant Mobile skids to a stop next to the road.]

CINECON: Cue the explosion!

[A Cyclobot motions his arm and the vehicle explodes in a brilliant explosion. Ransik fires a shot from his land rover, striking the Pink and Green rangers down. They fly off their Cycles and hit the ground. Wes drives by the down now-four rangers.]

JEN: It's up to you now, Wes.
WES: I'm on it!

[Wes speeds his Cycle towards Ransik's vehicle, while the other land rover is directly behind the red ranger.]

WES: show time!

[Wes sends his Cycle flying over Ransik who is too busy looking up to notice the other vehicle coming straight on for a crash course. The two vehicles collide in one big explosion as Wes lands safely on the ground. the other four rangers arrive on their Vector Cycles and stop next to Wes.]

JEN: Nice acting, Wes!
WES: I think Ransik's doing his last scene!

[Ransik is seen sitting in the burned and totaled land rover choking on the fumes. He suddenly stops and falls back, unconscious.]

CINECON: Cut! Print that! You were marvelous! Wonderful! Get the stuff cleaned up and ready for the next scene!

[Ransik wakes up as a Cyclobot helps him up. Annoyed, Ransik pushes the bot away and gets himself up. Cinecon turns to that Cyclobot and holds up his bullhorn.]

CINECON: You! Go clean up!

[Suddenly the rangers are back in civilization and running towards Cinecon and the Cyclo crew who have set up the camera and equipment. The rangers stop just in front of them.]

WES: We've had enough of your bad direction, Cinecon! We're done and you're history!
CINECON: You can't leave yet! You're not finished! It's time for the grand finale!

[The mutant tears off his DNA patch and grows to an enormous size. Cinecon laughs and picks up the startled rangers. Before they can act, they find themselves in the Shadow Force Megazord Mode Blue.]

WES: What's happening?
KATIE: How did we get in our Megazord?
WES: Oh, no! We're still in Cinecon's movie!
CINECON: This is your last scene, rangers! We have one last battle, which of course, I win!

[Cinecon turns to the Cyclobot crew on the ground.]

CINECON: Everybody ready?

[One Cyclobot gives Cinecon the cue that their ready.

CINECON: Excellent. But I've decided I need more drama! Bring in the co-star!
LUCAS: Co-star?! What co-star?

[Running down the street, the Q-Rex appears and stops next to the Megazord.]

JEN: Oh, no. He brought in the Q-Rex so he can destroy us all at once!
CINECON: This will make an explosive ending if we capture it just right! Okay, the final scene's got to be big! Big! Big!!
LUCAS: What is he talking about?!
CINECON: I'm the director and I can make changes as I please.

[Cinecon holds up his bullhorn and calls back down to a Cyclobot holding the script notebook.]

CINECON: Cyclobots! Write this down! New final scene! Add the Trans-Warp Megazord into the fight! You got it?
KATIE: The Trans-Warp Megazord? Can he do that?!
WES: It's his movie. He can do whatever he wants!

[In the years 3000 the Trans-Warp prepares for time travel by hitting himself in the backside to send him flying through the Time Portal. He arrives in the present time and lands across from the other Megazords.]

TRIP: He really did it!
LUCAS: Whoa, this is crazy!
JEN: Yeah. How are we ever going to stop this guy?
LUCAS: I don't know, but we gotta do something.
CINECON: Okay, here's the scene. I attack and then you fight back. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Until, finally, I destroy you! Simple?!
KATIE: I'll show you simple!

[Katie fires the Saber at Cinecon, only to have it pass harmlessly around Cinecon.]

CINECON: But you've got to wait for me to say... Action!!

[He blasts both the Trans-Warp Megazord and the Q-Rex who both fall to the ground.]

CINECON: Now comes the big ending! Cue the zord!
KATIE: This is our last chance!
WES: All right, full power to Megazord Saber! Now!

[The Shadow Force Megazord readies and fires a strong blast at Cinecon who falls down onto the street.]

WES: Yeah! We did it!

[Cinecon recovers and get back up.]

CINECON: Wait a minute! That wasn't in the script! No improvising! Cyclobots?! Show me the last scene!

[The cyclobot writer holds up the notebook, poking at the empty place where a page should be.]

CINECON: It's gone?! What happened to the last page?

[Inside the Megazord, Trip thinks hard.]

TRIP: The last page? Hey! I know what happened to it! I wanted to get Frankie Chang's autograph, but I didn't have anything to write on. So I tore the last page out of the director's script!

[In flashback footage we see Trip ripping the last page out of the script and also taking a pen.]

[Back in the present, Trip holds up the page with Frankie's name on it.]

TRIP: And here it is!
WES: You are amazing!
LUCAS: Yeah! Good job, Trip!
CINECON: How am I supposed to have a blockbuster without an ending?
WES: I've got an ending for you, Cinecon!

[The Q-Rex and Trans-Warp Megazords get back up and join the Shadow Force Megazord. The Trans-Warp jumps up and spins around fast, smacking Cinecon in the chest with it's big arm several times. Down on the ground, the now conscious and morphed Eric holds up his morpher.]

ERIC: Q-Rex, fire lasers!

[The Q-Rex bends over and sends a blast at the mutant.]

JEN: Now for our grand finale!
WES: Time Target!

[A clock appears and the Megazord fires at the digits, each one landing in a perfect clock face around Cinecon. Wes fires the Saber directly at Cinecon causing the mutant to explode and shrink down to it's action figure size.]

[With the black bars back in place, Frankie Chang takes out all the thugs. He then holds out his hand to the blond woman in a red dress. she smiles and runs over into his embrace. He then picks her up and carries her away. The camera backs up and shows the movie on TV with the Time Force officers watching it in the Clock Tower living room. Jen reaches over and shuts off the TV, a dreamy look on her face.]

JEN: That was great!
WES: Yeah, but being in the audience sure beats actually being in the movie.
TRIP: Ooohhhh. I'm with you.
KATIE: I don't know. I kinda liked the movie scene I was in. Singing! Dancing!
LUCAS: Me too. A beautiful princess... It was cool!
JEN: You mean, you two didn't have a great time in the Old West?
WES: Yeah, well, some of it was fun.
TRIP: And some of it was a real pain!
WES: Let's go, partner.

[Trip nods as he and Wes painfully get up off the couch where they were sitting and try to walk away. Wes holds his hand to his back as he moves away with Trip behind him, both roughed up from being dumped by the horse. The other three just watch with smiles on their faces.]

WES: Remind me to cancel those riding lessons for Trip!